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Hold the sunroof, your car is on blocks

Many times conversations with digital leadership in large organizations are all about the sunroof. They saw something at a conference and it is the best thing ever so they too must have it.  Or a particular technology and capability looks really cool, so they go out and buy it. Ironically, many times they…

You bought a new platform…congratulations

So you bought a Marketing Technology platform. Congratulations. Now what? Many organizations buy technology that they believe will change their world. Create experiences like the sales team said it would. Transform their organization like the PowerPoint promised. Create a tornado of love from the COO and CFO so budget will…

Morphing of Digital Marketers

I was recently having a conversation with someone about whether I thought the role of marketers is changing. I don’t know whether the role of every marketer is changing but I do know the skill set needs of digital marketers overall has been changing for a while. Sign up todayNo…