We thrive on your success!

249Labs is a technology startup created by former large corporate executives who know what it is like in the trenches. We are force multipliers with organizations, empowering their employees to be more impactful, productive digital professionals. We are the perfect combination of innovation and reality, partnered with execution.

We own the Open Lantern technology platform that is used by over a dozen large brands globally. Open Lantern allows large, complex enterprises understand how technology can fuel their digital strategy.

Digital Maturity Assessment

Engage in a digital maturity assessment to understand where you stand

Digital Strategy

Put together the right strategy, focusing on objectives and goals for the c-Suite

Marketing Operations

Learn how to run, measure and optimize your digital programs

Open Lantern

  • Internal Landscape

    Craft your internal landscape with simple Drag & Drop

  • Store detailed information

    Store notes, ownership and domains in one central location

  • Real-time Reporting

    Generate real-time reporting for your leadership

  • Contract/Budget

    Store and access information instantly whenever you need it

How 249Labs can help your organization

  • Evaluate the maturity of your digital organization and create a technology landscape
  • Evaluate your current vendors and new potential vendors out of the 100s available
  • Understand how to build critical, foundational pieces of your digital organization
  • Implement and operationalize your digital strategy