You bought a new platform…congratulations

So you bought a Marketing Technology platform. Congratulations. Now what? Many organizations buy technology that they believe will change their world. Create experiences like the sales team said it would. Transform their organization like the PowerPoint promised. Create a tornado of love from the COO and CFO so budget will never be an issue again.

6 months later they were still waiting. They couldn’t set up the product easily. IT scoped that the new system would take a year and $650k to integrate with internal legacy systems. The people they had assigned to the platform weren’t learning fast enough. The platform still had to go through all the same processes that drove the previous technology to failure. It turns out that the services provided were only for setup but not for operations.

As I say in many conversations with clients, the issues we have in MarTech aren’t that we don’t have enough choices of technology to buy. The issue isn’t that we don’t have the money to buy the software. More times than not, the issues revolve around people, process, integrations and operations. If we don’t work on these core challenges, it doesn’t matter what technology we purchase. It won’t drive the company forward, it won’t create experiences that are beneficial for your customers, it won’t generate love from the CFO and it certainly won’t solidify your reputation in the organization. I would tell you more about it but wait, the phone is ringing about this new IOT product that will change the world…