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Talking Folio is our Patent-Pending Voice Activated Paper solution that allows brands to create living, interactive paper documents for their customers.  With Talking Folio, you can voice activate any paper document, bringing together the analog and digital worlds. 

Customers get answers to their questions faster than ever before without having to deal with the delays and aggravation of picking up the phone and calling customer service.

Brands create a more engaging voice experience for their customers, demonstrate technology innovation in the rapidly growing channel of Voice interaction and finally answer the question most customers have about what to ask their device. Commonly asked questions to a support representative could be answered directly without forcing a customer to call.

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If you are looking for ways to bring a new Voice product into the market and get ahead of your competition, reach out to us to schedule time to talk about what we can do for you.  Brands talk about innovation all the time, Talking Folio allows you to actually execute on that promise.


Vendors and agencies who want to leverage this capability for their clients should reach out to talkingfolio@249labs.com.



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